I’ve never considered myself artistic. I don’t have the patience to dedicate myself towards creating art in the traditional sense. Brushes… Canvas… It’s all so romantic, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this life and my time is better spent elsewhere.

Photography is something that’s easy to relate to. The eye can tell what’s pleasing and what’s not. I usually know what I like about a picture because it’s something tangible and observable, something that was. Occasionally I myself capture a little slice of time and light that invokes a reaction of some sort upon review. Sometimes it’s nostalgia, sometimes it’s astonishment at the natural beauty around us, other times I simply can’t explain it. This site is a place to share what brings me joy in hopes of resounding or otherwise connecting with you.

Photography is magical. It is possible to capture nearly anything in a photograph. Events, movement, unidentified objects, places, people, actions… But also emotions, feelings, memories.

This site bears my name. I have many interests. There are many topics I would converse with you about. But really, photography is the only topic worth covering here because it is all-encompassing. I don’t use many words if something can be put simply, but if you cared to spend some time here and look around, you might catch a glimpse of exactly who I am and what drives me.

There is always something to learn while practicing photography. Tell me what you like or don’t like about my photographs. It would make my day. Follow my journey as I discover the buttons, knobs, light, settings, focus, shortcuts, business, composition, and passion.